Help us save Salim

Urgent fundraiser: All currently incoming donations will be used to support 3-year-old Salim’s medical expenses.

Summary: Salim was involved in a car accident and urgently needs heart surgery and a kidney transplant. His family can’t pay for the procedures and is helpless, which is why we are trying to raise the funds needed to proceed. Even though his condition is urgent, the hospital refuses to begin procedures until it receives at least a down payment.

How much: We still don't have the exact breakdown of costs, as it has been difficult to communicate with the hospital. We will set a goal accordingly as soon as we know. The important part is to gather enough money to cover a few rounds of payments.

Salim's story:

Salim was born without a kidney and already lost his father. A few weeks ago, while playing outside, he was hit by a car and lost his other kidney. The doctors in Afghanistan were not able to help him since they did not have the resources needed. The boy had to be transferred to a hospital in Iran but due to the political situation, Salim’s mother was not able to go with him. She stayed in Afghanistan with the rest of her children. Forced to wait helplessly.

Salim’s mother and brother are willing to donate one of their own kidneys. They are now waiting for their passports and Iranian visas to enter Iran and be with Salim. However, the time is running out and he needs a kidney transplant quickly. Doctors are giving him 2 weeks until they said it will be too late to save him. Additionally, the doctors discovered heart problems and suspect the daily dialysis to have caused these issues. Salim will need to undergo heart surgery for the kidney transplant to work. The biggest problem at the moment is that his family doesn't have the finances to pay for Salim's treatments. Without financial help, they are forced to watch Salim die.

UPDATE as of September 14:

Salim's mother and oldest brother were finally able to join him in Iran but had to leave the rest of the family behind in Afghanistan just right before the Taliban took power.

Unfortunately, his mother and brother aren’t eligible to donate their kidneys to Salim. He was put on the national waiting list for organs and is now waiting for a kidney match.

The terrible COVID situation in Iran has made everything extremely difficult and prolonged his procedures. Salim was suspected to have caught COVID as well as he displayed respiratory issues but luckily his result was negative.

He was recently transferred to a special children’s hospital that will be better suited for his procedures.

While Salim’s condition began to stabilize for his heart surgery, unfortunately, he relapsed again and needed to get back to intensive care. We are waiting for his condition to stabilize again to proceed with the heart surgery.

Please help!
We are heartbroken by the tragic story of the life of such a young child and are desperately trying everything we can to collect the money for Salim's surgeries and subsequent treatments. Please please please contribute to this cause and help us gather the money needed to save Salim's life.

Please share our fundraiser with your family and friends.

Every donation regardless of the amount will be much appreciated!

Salim in bed, connected to monitoring machines
Salim in bed, connected to monitoring machines

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